About Our Firm


Since 1973, our attorneys have made it our first priority to provide provide each client with the time and attention he or she deserves. Our lawyers regularly represent clients facing allegations of wrongdoing both in criminal or civil courts, those dealing with business issues, restraining order matters, and family disputes. Our attorneys have over 70 years of combined legal experience, having represented clients in over 500 court trials and dozens of jury trials. When representing our clients, our attorneys have several key points of focus. Most importantly, we make every effort to be responsive to our clients, returning phone calls, emails and text messages right away.

We also fully understand that client’s questions can be critically important to peace of mind and we strive to respond to all client contacts within minutes or, at the most, hours. An additional and top priority is always achieving the best possible result in every case, regardless of the starting point. While the facts of the case and the relevant law will always be the primary determining factor in any matter’s outcome, having skilled and knowledgeable advocates can make significant differences in many cases.

Although it is true that even the most talented lawyer cannot change the facts of a case, he or she can often use his or her expertise to dramatically improve the outcome. Another priority that our lawyers have is to always be realistic about possible outcomes in a case from the start. We do not promise unrealistic results while fully anticipating to deliver contrary information months later. Our lawyers value honesty when giving clients consultations and work hard to exceed expectations, rather than fulfilling unreasonable promises.

We work hard to save our clients from unnecessary expenses. For example, if a client’s matter can be resolved in a manner that is beneficial to our client, we pay no consideration to how that will impact our law firm’s fees. Our goal in every situation is to achieve the best possible result, putting aside our interests. While some law firms focus on billing clients, we focus on obtaining great results. Sometimes, negotiating a settlement before the litigation process even begins is the best possible course of action, and we aggressively pursue those types of resolutions above all others.