In all cases, our attorneys aggressively and strategically work to provide the best possible representation for each client. No matter the type of case we are involved in, we focus on achieving the best result for our clients while taking their unique situation and position into account. Our lawyers are acutely aware of the high cost of legal fees and understand how these fees can hinder a business's progress or individual's personal financial situation. Because of these concerns, we tailor our representation in each matter in a way that we believe will most benefit our client while at the same time doing everything possible to keep legal fees and costs to a minimum. Our firm regularly handles all types of litigation in all California courts, including all levels of state and federal courts. Some of the types of cases our firm handles include: 

While the types of possible disputes or allegations for those accused of civil or criminal wrongdoing are endless, we regularly represent individuals and businesses in various types of litigation. We represent represent plaintiffs / petitioners and defendants in many different types of cases including appeals, construction matters, real estate disputes, litigation between shareholders, collection matters, restraining orders, criminal allegations, and more. Whatever the type of case, our lawyers place an emphasis on formulating a plan of action in each case that is specific to the type of dispute in question. Our lawyers offer consultations for all types of matters and we do not charge for initial consultations. If we cannot assist a given client for whatever reason, we are always willing to provide referrals to specialists and / or offer advice going forward.