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The House is moving with great speed to get several tort reform bills through their chamber because of the Senate's 60 vote threshold and the body's more deliberative nature. The bills have been derided by plaintiff's attorneys and consumer groups from across the country, while industry expectedly applauds the reforms, as they tilt civil litigation cases in their favor. The bills passed the House before, under...

Alex Jones, the far right talk show host has resolved the defamation lawsuit filed against him. According to "Far-right radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones 'resolved' his lawsuit with Greek yogurt giant Chobani and retracted his comments about the company on Wednesday — just a few weeks after the foodmaker sued him over what it said were false and defamatory comments. 'During the week of April...

The status of independent contractors is a complex matter which, if determined incorrectly, can lead to substantial financial penalties for business owners. The issue of independent contractors has been in the news lately thanks to companies like Uber, Lyft and Grub Hub that have disrupted the livery and restaurant industries. Unfortunately, as is often the case, laws have not caught up with technology and these issues...

Embattled comedian Bill Cosby won a victory in court last week when a Massachusetts judge threw out the defamation lawsuit brought against him by one of his rape accusers. Cosby will still face criminal charges in Pennsylvania. Judge Mark Mastroianni ruled Thursday that Katherine McKee didn’t adequately show Cosby defamed her when his representatives called a 2014 New York Daily News story on her rape allegations defamatory...

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